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Confusion reigned inside the isolation-segregation unit at Smith State Prison when inmate Richard Tavera hanged himself in his cell , and it didnt end when guards finally summoned paramedics. For more than a minute, a prison official a woman who didnt identify herself by name struggled to tell the Tattnall County dispatcher why EMS was needed at the Glennville facility, according to the recording of the 911 call . The official said Tavera had attempted suicide, prompting the dispatcher to ask exactly what the inmatehad done. Attempted suicide. He tried to hang himself, the official replied. There you go, the dispatcher said. OK, thats what I mean. The dispatcher then asked,Is he conscious? The official told the dispatcher to hold on for a second so she could find out. No, the official said, after making contact with someone elsewhere in the prison via radio. Is hebreathing? the dispatcher asked. Hes not conscious, the official replied.

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The FBI was investigating the incidents, Posner said. Officials at the FBI were not immediately available for comment. Officials at the Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, north of Milwaukee, received a bomb threat at 10:15 a.m. local time, the second such incident at the center over the last three weeks, it said on Twitter. "Taking very cautious measures, we are sheltering in our gym, as has been recommended," the Milwaukee JCC said in a text message sent to parents of children who attend the preschool at the center, according to an NBC affiliate in Milwaukee. The center reopened two hours later, the center said on Twitter. Monday's incidents come after three waves of bomb threats in 2017. In all, 69 incidents at 54 JCCs in 27 states and one Canadian province have been reported, according to the JCC Association of North America. "We are concerned about the anti-Semitism behind these threats, and the repetition of threats intended to interfere with day-to-day life," Posner said. Jewish community centers typically offer after-school activities, fitness programs and various other services.